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Gain Proximity to Customers

Manage your own online ordering system, integrated directly with restaurant’s website or JuvoPos.

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Gain Proximity to Customers

Manage your own online ordering system, integrated directly with restaurant’s website or JuvoPos.

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Access more clients with Juvonline

With Juvonline your online orders are a reality in trend of which you can be a part. While it is true that each restaurant has its own needs, it is also true to understand that the market sets the standard and your restaurant has to adapt to the needs of merchants if you want to ensure the survival of your restaurant.

With JuvOnline your restaurant will have the opportunity to grow if it has precence on the web, and you will offer an efficient delivery service for customers who requires an online order.

Complete online orders control

Manage your orders as if you were in the restaurant and in real time.

Increase your profits

Offer your customers more delivery alternatives such as pick up, curbside pick up, delivery, etc.

Faster orders

Avoid losses and errors in your orders without third partires. Zero commissions.


Place an order directly to the restaurant is the trend

  • Customize your image: logo, colors, your Brand!
  • Your orders free of commissions to third parties.
  • Create and edit your menus as many times as you need in real time.
  • It’s hard to imagine ordering food without getting these notifications:

Beep! – Your order is placed

Beep! – Your order is confirmed.

Beep! – Your order is getting ready.

Beep! – Your order is out for delivery.

  • Restaurants needs to follow this path to adapt the new normal.


Merchants could see you from any device


Set how your business operates

Flexible Payment Options

Give your customers freedom to pay for their order online and/or accept their payment in person fron their smartphones.

Manage Multiple Locations

Easily add more locations to your app as your restaurant expands. No matter how many locations yoy havem we´re got you covered!

Push Notifications

Connect with your customers. Send out notification for menú updates, pecial offers, events, or anything else.

Loyalty Made Easy

Stabilize your business with your own custom loyalty program. Have your clients coming back for more.

App-Only Offers

Drive your website & mobile site users to your apps by running exclusive, app only, web only or other discounts.

Image-Based Menus

Nice-looking pictures alongsidea food ítem increase 30% sales. Use OrderEm to change menú, photos, nutrition info and more dynamically.

Manage all restaurant´s order types

Pick Up

The customer take his order inside the restaurant


Businesses with large footprints can allow their customers to select a landmark fo your staff to carry their order to.

Curbside Pick Up

Allow users to park at designated areas to have their food brought to their car.

Drive Thru

Have your users indicate that they will pickup their order through the drive through. Simply ask for their Order ID.